Led by the very best team of experienced fitness coaches around, our online classes are inspiring and empowering. Our goal is to bring support, education, and fun to your fitness journey.

Our unique and diverse group exercise classes incorporate skills such as Yoga, Zumba, Aerobic, Nutrition, and Weightlifting with inevitable benefits in multiple areas of your life. Combined with our traditional gym space, their accessibility and flexibility ensure that you can benefit from our services whatever your lifestyle and circumstances. We promote continual learning throughout each session to ensure the development of your mindset and overall wellbeing.

We not only excel at motivation but our team is also capable of personal transformation with an expert understanding of each individual’s unique needs. We truly understand your current place on your fitness journey and know exactly what is needed to take you to the next level, strengthening those areas where the most progress can be made.

At Shivasana Fitness Centre, we offer top quality online classes. We provide insight into topics you may not have even heard of before, plus regular guidance from team of experts.

Enroll with us today to learn more about fitness and expand your horizon.