About Us

Shivasana Fitness Center started on 29th September 2016, It’s one-stop destination for all your mannual Workout.

Following Self-discipline and safety protocols, ensuring your health is our top priority. Our training programs are about you and your goals.

We understand that living in Mumbai means having a hectic Lifestyle schedule. At Shivasana, we aim to cultivate a community of fitness lovers who can support each other in the journey to relieving stress and focus on adapting a healthy and happy lifestyle. On top of our training schedule, we hold online classes to provide insight into topics you may not have even heard of before, plus regular guidance from team of experts!

We pride ourselves on providing the very best training equipment and the most inspiring spaces to work out in. We want our members to be proud of their fitness space, and we really appreciate the time they spend with us!

Our amazing team of coaches are certified in Yoga and Zumba and all have experienced of 5 years. Put your trust in them as they help you on your fitness journey at Shivasana.

The road to healthy living doesn’t stop when you leave Shivasana. We provide nutritional help, plans, and guidance so that you can cultivate healthy choices and make the best choices with your nutrition, to help support your training. You are what you eat after all!

Our body is the only temple where we have to live in.


  • Expert coaching and training to help you achieve your personal goals
  • Varied, daily workout programming and private group support
  • Online education, nutritional advice & webinars
  • Daily training programme
  • A vibrant fitness community
  • A holistic approach to health, fitness & well-being
  • From taking steps to leading a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle to competing at a high level in your sport, our Fitness Center caters to all your fitness goals.
  • We develop physical, mental, emotional, social and nutritional fitness.


Whether you want to lose weight, compliment your running regime, re-focus your mind after a long tiring week, work on your stability or lengthen out your muscles, we have a special training program that’s just perfect for you.
Our team is always ready to deliver tailor-made classes, with your transformation foremost in our mindset. Your total fitness is our mission at all times. We’re ready. Are you?
What People Say


Shivasana studio is a delight to workout at. All members of the staff management and trainers are very polite. Rashmi is very encouraging and supportive and Jyostna is very sweet. The zumba class especially led by Abhishek is an awesome calorie burner.


Highly recommended!!!!! With 3 variants in yoga and 3 other fun activities it becomes the choice of all ages. Fitting my pocket fee structure. Must try is Deepak Sirs yoga class with tinch of instructions in Hindi and Abhishek Sirs extensively high fun quotient with sweating workout. All is well in a relaxing 1 hr session.


Fun place for physical and mental fitness, trainers are good, gives personal attention and adapting to individual needs.